Welcome to Discovery Point Class of 2014-15

Welcome to Discovery Point Class of 2014-15!  School is quickly approaching and a few housekeeping items need to be addressed with all of you.

  • We need a family photo asap (no larger than 4 x 6″).  We will be putting these up again, and will keep them throughout the year.  If you can bring them to me before school starts thats even better!  The mailbox outside of school is locked and pictures can be put in there if we don’t happen to be here.
  • Discovery Point will be keeping our own extra clothes for kids.  Keeping track of each child’s clothes has become a small issue, then when they need the clothes it’s not right.  So, if your child uses something PLEASE remember to bring it back.
  • We are banning milk…  So sorry to the heavy milk drinkers, but at school we need to keep it to good old water, remember that “Potter the Otter Loves to Drink Water” 🙂
  • Signing in and out each day is State Law, please remember to do so each day.
  •  If any addresses or contact information has changed please let me know asap as I am prepping emergency cards etc.
  • Some kids will be sharing cubbies, I have done my best to accommodate the cubby situation, but please be courteous to your child’s cubby partner.
  • Parent Mailboxes.  I will be adding Parent Mailboxes, please check these on a daily basis to be sure you are getting any communication you need from school.
  • Shutterfly and Facebook – Check for updates!
  • This year we are asking for parents who are willing to check in with us weekly on a consumable supply purchase.  This would mean a trip to K Mart, Vons or possibly Ben Franklin to get our supplies for the week.  If you are interested in helping with this please let me know.
  • Tuition, tuition for August will be due on the first day of school which is August 19th.  Remember from then on out tuition will be due on or before the 1st of each month.    Invoices will be sent out next week.
  • Lunch Boxes – Please pack your child’s lunch and snack in a lunch box.  The kids need to be able to manage this themselves.  A big part of self help.  Backpacks with multiple cups, clothes, etc. are difficult for the child to manage.  The child’s cubby is for his or her use.
  • Fundraisers.  A few yearly fundraisers will be taking place this year.  Fall Yard Sale at Ms. Shanna’s house on the day of Choo-Choo Swap Meet, A Thanksgiving Run, and the Spring Art Show.  Please keep these in the back of your minds.

We can’t wait for another year at DPP!

Ms. Shanna

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