Our Approach

Discovery Point Preschool believes in a hands-on, play based philosophy of early childhood education.  Discovery Point has a varied schedule of child centered and teacher directed activities giving a balance of freedom and structure to your child’s day.  Play based environments increase the child’s motivation to learn and try new things, build creativity, confidence, and a love for school.  Kids get to learn about a wide variety of subjects in an age-appropriate way.  As each child develops at his or her own pace, teachers at Discovery Point support and encourage students to try slightly more challenging activities when they’re ready. We strive to ensure that all children in our program enter kindergarten with a basic understanding of school structure, social competence, foundational concepts, happy and ready to learn!


Art is an expression of creativity; it is the process not the product! Art enhances development and learning in children.
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Gross Motor Play and Movement

At Discovery Point we believe that through moving your body, you build your mind!
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Phonics and Literacy

Discovery Point teaches phonics and literacy through meaningful play and the aide of ZooPhonics.
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Staff at Discovery Point encourages children to think about patterns, classifying, measuring, counting, adding and subtracting.
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Field Trips

The staff and children at Discovery Point take various field trips throughout the year to extend our learning experience.
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Science helps children develop a deeper understanding of how things work, like why do we use soap to wash our hands?
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preschool music


We sing, dance, and do fingerplays every day and in different areas of learning.
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