Learning the Ropes

August …Starting School & Learning the Ropes

What we are learning?

  • What is a Classroom Rule?
    “Keep Everyone Safe”
  • Give me Three
    “Quiet mouths, listening ears, calm hands”
  • What makes ME special?
  • Respecting our space.
    “Self, friends & classroom”

Mom, Dad, Guardian please remember…

  1. Photos
    We need a family photo asap (no larger than 4 x 6″).  We will be putting these up again, and will keep them throughout the year.  If you can bring them to me before school starts thats even better!  The mailbox outside of school is locked and pictures can be put in there if we don’t happen to be here.
  2. Contact
    If any addresses or contact information has changed please let me know asap as I am prepping emergency cards etc.
  3. Sign-in/Sign-out
    Signing in and out each day is State Law, please remember to do so each day.


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