Grant Opportunities

I am working continuously to look for additional money available to expand and enhance our current resources and quality of preschool.  I am working hard right now to apply for two separate grants; one to create our non-profit status, and one to recreate our outdoor classroom.  As you all know, I am a big believer in outdoor play with natural materials.  I would love to remove all the concrete in our space, put in an actual water system, add to our landscaping and natural play materials available.  I want to re-build our awning outside too.  If you are interested in and capable of doing any of these things as an in-kind donation please let me know in writing and I will add it to the proposal.  These grants take a ton of time and effort on my part.  If you have any ideas of folks (or yourself) who would be interested in donating to the project by time, materials or in any other way it always looks better to the funding source to have additional community partners involved in the project.  I would also like to have some parents who would be interested in attending the First 5 Commission meeting with me to support this project.  The First 5 Commission has given me grants in the past, and has also shut me down completely because I am a private business, thus the reason to try to get assistance with the nonprofit.  So there is a chance, of course, that they will turn this project down.  But…I am going to do my best to get a YES!

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