Healthy Happy Hearts – February 2015

In February we will be focuing our conversations on having a “Happy Heart”. We will have conversations about our health, feelings, people with special needs or learning differences, and bullying. We will work on social skills and ways to positively interact with peers. We will talk about coping techniques and ways to deal with anger, frustration and other emotions. A “happy heart” is a well balanced soical emotional child.

Staff will be attending the CAEYC conference in Sacramento March 5-8. School will be closed March 5th and 6th in the afternoons. If your child attends school on one of those afternoons you have already been contacted. Thank you for your support in continuing the education of your teachers, this is a very

beneficial opportunity for our teachers.

A few things we will be working on…
-Groundhog Day
-Letters “o, p, q”

-Feeling Vocabulary -Sorting, least, most, middle -Blindforld Painting -Conversation Heart Experiment
-Twiggles the Turtle
-What can you create with painting with no hands?
-Be a buddy not a bully! -Friendship quilt -Supersized marble painting -Reading Braille

Valentines Day Party Info

I have attached a list of children in our class. Please use this as an opportunity for your child to write his or her name (and if able some of the friends names too). Valentines

Day cards are optional but great pre-writing and reading opportunity. We will be opening cards at school. If you would like to bring in something special for the whole class please let Ms. Shanna know. NO PEANUTS in candy…please!

Dates to Remember

-February 13th, Valentines Day Party, kids will open Valentines at Lunch for the am kids and at Snack for the PM kids

-February 16 & 17 – No School, Presidents Day -March 3 – Teacher In-Service Day – No School for kiddos (afternoon will be open to make up for closure of CAEYC)

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