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De-Stress Your Morning Routine

Everybody has feelings.

Jumping back into the morning school routine can be stressful for everyone. Sometimes it just takes a bit more planning the night before to streamline your routine.

Start Before School Does – Slowly push back bedtime – as well as getting up earlier. This allows children to transition back into a regular schedule.

Do it the Night Before – A good rule of thumb is everything that does not have to be done in the morning should be done the night before. Everything has its Place– Find a space near the door where school related things such as a lunch box or backpack can be stored.

Get Dressed First! – Lay out the clothes the night before and pick out clothes that are easy on and easy off.

Don’t Forget the Most Important Meal of the Day – Filling their bellies with a nutritious breakfast will help to fuel their minds as well as their tummies.

Get Connected – Take a moment to reconnect in the morning with a few minutes of snuggle and conversation.


★ Math –Patterning, How many apples high Am I, Circles.
★ Art – Apple stamping, Family Tree.
★ Language – A, B, & C
★ Social – Qualities of a good friend.

Play is the highest form of research.
-Albert Einstein

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