Drip, Drop, Downpour!

In like a lion out like a lamb?  This month we will be focusing on weather and the happenings of early spring.  Weather is a wonderful way to bring practical science into kids’ everyday life.   Simply observing the weather is the best way to bring in simple science lessons and vocabulary.  This time of year we observe different weather and changes in our environment such as bulbs sprouting, leaving starting to turn green, bugs come out.  images


★ Spring
★ Weather
★ Letters; p, q, r…
★ Rainbows

* Shamrock Cork Stamping
* Colored Glue Painting
* Soda bottle flowers
* Wind Painting

* Ladybug polkadot counting
* Chia kids in a cup
* Potato Flake Snow
* Jar Clouds * Flower Chart

Ms. Shanna

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