Bugs & Butterflies

Bugs and Butterflies!  This time of year bugs start to come out, plants start to grow, and the weather gets warm.  We will be talking about what bugs do and all there is to know about bugs.  We will incorporate new vocabulary and math skills while learning about bugs and butterflies!  This is a hands on month…prepare for your little one to get down and dirty!6a00e5508eeefd8833011570b3a1e7970b-750wi


★ Plants
★ What do bugs do?
★ Letters; s, t, u, v…
★ Camouflage

* Butterfly Blotting
* Egg Carton caterpillars
* Spoon Firefly
* Name Caterpillars

* Streamer Spider Webs
* Banana Butterflies
* Fly Swatter Painting
* Earth Day – Trash Clean Up…Clean Up our Town!

Ms. Shanna

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