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August 2015 – About Me and Class Rules

“I am neither very clever nor especially gifted.  I am only very, very curious.”  Albert Einstein

As we start our school year I want to express DPP’s emphasis in the fact that the process reigns supreme in most of what children do.  At DPP we will intentionally create an environment full of mysteries that will inspire children’s natural curiosity.  When children are interested they have an incredible drive to pursue knowledge even if the path to understanding is misunderstood by an adult.  Fact, fantasy, and imagination are intermixed in a child’s mind as they explore our complex world.  We can’t wait to explore and learn alongside each of your children!  Here is to a year filled with curiosity, imagination and incredible growth!

A Few things we will be working on…

-Me in a nut shell

-Name Flags

-Class Demographics Charting

-No David!

-I Like Me

-My Family

**Please bring in a photo of your  family.  If you don’t have one we would be happy to take one.**

Dates to Remember…

August 20 & 21 – New Student Orientation

(By Appointment)

August 24 – School Starts

September 7 – Labor Day Holiday

DPP Happenings August 2015

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