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Discovery Point philosophies on the key components of our curriculum.


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monthly NewsDiscovery Point Preschool believes in a hands-on, play based philosophy of early childhood education. Discovery Point has a varied schedule of child centered and teacher directed activities giving a balance of freedom and structure to your child’s day. Play based environments increase the child’s motivation to learn and try new things, build creativity, confidence, and a love for school. Kids get to learn about a wide variety of subjects in an age-appropriate way. As each child develops at his or her own pace, teachers at Discovery Point support and encourage students to try slightly more challenging activities when they’re ready. We strive to ensure that all children in our program enter kindergarten with a basic understanding of school structure, social competence, foundational concepts, happy and ready to learn!

Discovery Point Preschool is an Official Kodo Collaborator


Kids Say...

  • “I love to dance!
    Mateo, Age 4
  • I like Haddie and teacher!
    Harper, Age 2
  • I like to do everything most of the time.  I like to play and do crafts.
    Shiloh, Age 5
  • Oh digging! And playing with my friends and riding the bicycles.
    Jonah, Age 5
  • I like dancing, painting, and playing with water.  And I like going on field trips, and I like drawing stuff for the Army.
    Tulie, Age 4
  • I like Discovery Point because my teachers are great.  They help me do activities that help me learn. My favorite thing I’ve learned is all about the ocean, especially about octopuses.
    June, Age 4
  • I love painting and playing dress up
    Eloise, Age 4
  • I love going up in the loft

    Hudson, Age 5
  • My friends are here to play with me and they are always nice to me

    Naya, Age 4
  • I like going up in the loft.
    Weston, Age 3
discovery point preschool studentdiscovery point preschool studentsdiscovery point preschool students learning

Parents Say...

  • I expected my daughter to learn to share and practice letters and numbers during preschool.  Discovery Point has gone so far past my expectations.  My daughter often comes home with tales of Saturn, facts about Ancient Egypt, anatomical descriptions of animals, and always with a big smile.  But beyond all the fun learning she is doing, my favorite thing to watch in my daughter and her friends is the way her inner confidence is growing.  That is a skill she will need everyday into the future.
    Kim Mitchell, parent
  • With a loving, creative staff, and a fun, stimulating environment, DPP empowers my son to develop foundational skills, a basic confidence, and positive character in his own individual way!
    Skye, parent
  • From the moment, my son and I met the teachers and visited the school, I could tell he loved it! Every day he asks if it is time to go to school! Thank you for providing such a safe, warm and caring environment for him to learn, develop social skills, and most importantly have fun. I'm so very grateful for everyone at DPP!
    Tanya, parent
  • This is our fifth year with DPP! Our three children have had the opportunity to grow and learn in an incredibly creative, nurturing environment. The teachers at DPP are a wonderful team and they clearly love what they do. Every day, my son is greeted with a hug and a smile, no matter how many kids are there or how busy the teachers are. They really take to heart the "playing is learning" philosophy and we appreciate the fun and freedom DPP encourages. Our older kids entered kindergarten with confidence and valuable skills that have allowed them to excel in reading and writing. I can't speak highly enough of DPP!
    Jannalyun, parent
  • Learning through play. Learning from the big kids. Learning from the littles. DPP creates an incredible, ever-changing and intentional environment that my daughter absolutely loves (and we do too!).
    Lori G., parent
  • I appreciate all of the personal attention and kindness that you show your students.
    Brooke, Parent
  • Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher! You make Noah’s preschool days so fun, and we know how much he enjoys coming to school. We really appreciate all your hard work.
    Duncan and Brandi, Parents
  • Your program is filled with love and lots of learning. We love you!
    Brooke, Parent
  • You create such a wonderful environment to expose children to rich developmentally appropriate experiences. You truly have a gift of quality and love for children.

    Sue, Child Development Specialist, Inyo County Superintendent of Schools
  • Thank you for all the hard work you do. I love watching as my boy grows and learns so much in your class. Thank you for also always going out to your way to send me pictures.
    Esmeralda, Parent
  • No question how lucky we are to have ya, your vision and your amazing program!
    Meghan and Paul, Parents
  • It’s hard to believe how much our little Eli has grown – thank you ever so much for your wonderful influence on him. I have been so impressed watching you grow the preschool this year – you truly accomplished great feats…
    Julie, Parent
  • Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am to you for everything you have done for Kate. I will always be in your debt. You voluntarily took on a tremendous amount of work and turned around a bad situation and changed Kate forever. It is teachers like you (Shanna) who influence and change for the better children’s lives.
    Taylor, Parent
  • This is so much more than a school! It embraces the old adage “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. There are typically 3-5 teachers with 13 kids. How lucky we are to have this in Bishop!
    Karen, Parent
  • Discovery Point Preschool has just what my family was looking for. Art, music and movement are incorporated into virtually every aspect of the rich curriculum, creating a lively environment for learning. Our whole family enjoys a wonderful sense of community at this school.
    Julie, Parent
  • I appreciate Ms. Shanna and all of her creative juices that are the result of our amazing classroom!
    Alix, Teacher